Even more irresistible

You’ll fall under the irresistible charm of our Renault Clio. Its sensuous curves make it stand out from the crowd. Its expressive grille and distinct lighting signature mesmerises with a front end panel that is more rewarding than ever. 
No other car in its category has as much personality. With the Clio, each day is more intense than the last.

Everyday fascination

Intriguing and seductive, the striking Renault Clio flaunts its modern and distinctive style; with sensuous curves, an expressive new front end and sporty rear shoulders. The Renault logo takes centre stage on the radiator grille. Desire in every detail. The new Pure Vision LED headlights*, are instantly recognisable. From the side, its 16" black diamond-cut Pulsize wheel rims* underline its dynamic silhouette. With the Clio, every detail counts.  *Model dependent

A look inside the Clio

The passion continues on board the Renault Clio. Crafted door panels, refined upholstery and a leather steering wheel* add to the atmosphere of the new cabin. All of the technologies contained on the multimedia system screen are accessible with a simple gesture and voice control. The generosity of the Renault Clio is unique in its category: 4 Airbags, ABS, multimedia, hands-free card*, Hill Start Assist, ECO mode, Cruise control with speed limiter, Climate control** with combined pollen/activated carbon filter and toxicity sensor and Renault Bass Reflex® - A sophisticated sound system for optimum bass reproduction.  

Sleek, aeroplane-wing dashboard design, accessible centre panel, digital speedometer for increased readability, height-adjustable driver’s seat with a range of 70mm, height-and reach-adjustable steering column, choice of colours, chrome and gloss black materials fill the modern cabin.

MediaNav ® Just touch

What could be more exciting than having the future at your fingertips? With the Renault MediaNav® touchscreen multimedia tablet, you can explore a range of functionalities with ease: Integrated navigation, multimedia, radio and telephone system with Bluetooth® connectivity. The fun “Eco Driving” coach gives you handy tips to improve your driving style and reduce your fuel consumption.
Is an application that turns your smartphone into a touchscreen for your dashboard . The fitted universal smartphone cradle mounts your phone to the dashboard and the app presents the features in an intuitive menu with large buttons.

Efficient, powerful, yet frugal

The Renault Clio range is powered by very efficient petrol Turbo engines. What’s the objective? To be the best in their category in terms of driving pleasure. With a lively response, sharp acceleration, and flexibility at all speeds, the Formula 1® technology derived Energy engines combine driving pleasure with fuel economy, delivering remarkably moderate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
   66kW Turbo engine zippy and efficient 

The new 66kW Turbo engine is an 898 cm3, three-cylinder turbo engine that delivers 66kW without flinching! The engine allows sharp acceleration from low speeds (90% available torque at 1,650 rpm), avoiding excessively frequent gear changes and ensuring pleasant city driving. It consumes only 5.5L/100 km and its emissions are limited to 126g/km of CO2.

   88kW Turbo engine in Manual or EDC Auto 

The new 1.2l, four-cylinder, 88kW Turbo engine combines power and controlled fuel consumption (5.2L/100 km and 120g/km of CO2). Responsive, lively and agile, it is both powerful and quiet. Its 88kW delivers torque of 190Nm at 2,000 rpm. For even greater driving pleasure, it is connected to Renault's 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox.



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